What is your website all about?

We are a mountain bike club in the Netherlands. We tour the different provinces of the country as we raise awareness of the benefits and personal advantages of taking up mountain biking as a sport or inclusion to your interests.

Do you invite people to join your club?

Yes. We are looking for people who love mountain biking and those who want to try mountain biking and incorporate it into their lives. If you do not know yet, the Netherlands is a place where regularly bike for work and for leisure. It is easy to find an Amsterdam bike rental and be on your way the next minute.

But mountain biking is a little different. Instead of smooth roads, you are going to bike your way through rough terrain. Instead of incoming traffic, you have to watch cliffs, huge rocks, and tall trees.

Do I have to have a mountain bike to join the club?

Not necessarily. We welcome all the people in our club. If you are just starting to have an interest in mountain biking, chances are, you do not have one yet. And it is all good. Browse our pages, articles, and blogs. See if our content piques your interest. If you are ready, you can buy one yourself.

We also encourage mountain bikers to join our club. It is better to be part of an organization if you have an interest in something. Mountain biking is more than a sport. You will have more experiences and be at more events if you join our club.

What are the benefits of joining the club?

You will have access to all of our articles. You can browse everything from the personal blogs of the founders of the club to news about mountain biking in the Netherlands and in other parts of the world. You will also receive discounts at some of our affiliate stores. You can also have a discount when you are renting a bike in Amsterdam through our partner shops. Always check our posts to know other freebies that you can get and activities you can participate in throughout the year.

Do you also host competitions?

Yes, we do sponsor competitions. We want people to realize how fun and exciting mountain biking is. Always read the news that we publish on our site to know the contests that we host for the month.

How do I register?

Send us a message through our Registration page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.