Accessories that You Need with Your Mountain Bike


You should always be prepared when mountain biking. You might be on an Amsterdam top sightseeing with your bike but who knows what may happen as you stroll around the trails that the city has to offer. It is best to have all the essential accessories that you need in order to feel secure while mountain biking.

Check out our list of the accessories that you should bring while you are riding your mountain bike:

Spare wheel tubes

You should always carry spare tubes especially if you are in long mountain rides. You can never anticipate a flat tire. Even new ones get flat once in a while so you have to come and bring spare tubes on your backpack. Have a nonstop mountain ride all day and not be held back with a flat or damaged tire.

Tire pump

Can you still remember the days when a tire pump is about two feet long and you had to pump your tire with maximum effort? Well, fortunately, today, you can carry a tire pump even in your fanny pack. Tire pumps today are just about five inches long. Don’t forget to bring one even if you are in a group of bikers.

Patch kit

bikeWhat happens if you have exhausted all your spare tubes? Would you just give up and walk all the way home? If you don’t have a choice, then you probably are going to but if you come prepared, you do not have to. You have to include a patch kit in your bag. By using this kit, you can cover any hole that may have punctured your tire. It will still be an Amsterdam Heineken experience on your way to your home.

Multi-tool device

Put up your trusty multi-tool device so that you are ready to fix any problem that your bike may encounter. Make sure that your device has a Philips and flathead screw, different sizes and types of wrenches, cutters, and pliers.


Don’t forget your mobile device when you go on mountain biking. In cases of emergencies, you should be able to call the nearest hospital or a friend that can respond immediately if you need help. Prepare a power bank or spare batteries just in case it takes a long time for the aid to arrive.