How to Train for a Mountain Biking Competition

Competitions are good training for the mind and the body. Whether you are a leisure mountain biker or who professionally join biking competitions for a living, you are sure to have your hands full when a competition is coming up. If you want to join an MTB race, then you are at least half-way there. All you have to do is to follow these steps in order to achieve positive results after the competition is over.


Try the trail beforehand

In order to have a feel on what to do in Amsterdam mountain biking competitions, you must go to the trail and try to go through the motions of the terrain. Know the twists and turns of the race. Take note of the factors that can affect your run. It is not enough that you just read and study the race through an online map. You have to break in your mountain bike and see how you respond on the race track.

Give one last hard bike a week before

Trainers have varying opinions on this one. Some would say that it is bad to over exhaust yourself a week before the competition. Others would recommend breaking yourself in. In my experience, it is better to do a good bike ride one week before your race. It is just to know how fit you are and how capable you are in finishing the race. Of course, there are some risks of injury and accident. But if you are careful enough, you will only boost your confidence and have more poise when you enter the race.


Take a good night’s rest every day

The best cure for aching muscles is sleep. Studies of scientists say that with the right amount of sleep, your body tissues repair itself and builds you a more reliable figure when you wake up. You should not bother yourself by going to parties and sleeping late at night. You should do your best to do everything possible to prepare for the competition. And that includes a good long sleep. If you can go to cheap hotels in Amsterdam just to get a nice shut-eye, then you may do so.